Mechanical Seal TZKA
29 September 2017
Mechanical Seal TSMA
29 September 2017

Mechanical Seal TSHA

Metal bellows seal.

Mechanical seal featuring welded metal bellows which allows to have both secondary seals of static type.

The flexibility of the bellows gives the capability to tollerate misalignaments and vibrations.

Secondary seals in Grafoil make TSHA seal particularly suitable for high temperature service (i.e. diathermic oil and hydrocarbons in refinery process).

TSHA is a single balanced seal, stationary seat type A, bidirectional. In addiotion to the standard type, the following series are available:

  • Shaft dimension in inches
  • Stationary seal
  • Double ply for high pressure Customized cartridge version, complete to sleeve and flange, designed according API 682 standard, are available.
25 – 100 (mm) *0 – 20 (m/sec)0 – 22 (bar g)-70 – 420 (°C)
(*) for measurements in inches, please contact our technical sales office.


  • Single Seal
  • Bi-directional
  • Balanced
  • Resistant to acids and bases
  • Resistant to high temperature
  • Available inches measures


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