Mechanical Seal GT1910A
29 September 2017
Mechanical Seal GTAW
29 September 2017

Mechanical Seal GT1165A

Dual seals for enamelled products.

Latest generation cartridge solution for enamelled (glass lined) mixers, used for highly aggressive processes and where easy cleaning is required for surfaces in contact with the process.

A double back-to-back seal with chemically inert wetted parts, the seal can be supplied with either a ball or roller bearing.

The seal is designed to be pressurised with a compatible barrier fluid which prevents harmful emissions to the atmosphere and is balanced to operate under reverse pressure for short periods.

Dry running configurations of this seal are also available.

40 – 160 (mm) *0 – 8 (m/sec)0 – 10 (bar g)-50 – 250 (°C)
(*) for measurements in inches, please contact our technical sales office.


  • Flange with enamelled wetted surfaces to prevent corrosion.
  • Enamel coated shaft to prevent corrosion.
  • Liquid or gas flushing connections designed to facilitate venting.
  • Multiple springs for uniform face loading.
  • Thermometer.
  • Ball or roller bearing, to ensure minimum seal run-out.
  • Positioning device for easy, precise installation.
  • Shrink disk to ensure relaiable seal drive.
  • Bearing protection ring to contain lubrication.
  • Optional thermocouple for ATEX applications.
  • Solid graphite stationary seal ring, retained to prevent blow out during reverse pressure.

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