Mechanical Seal BM6S

Mechanical Seals API 682 4° Edition





Single cartridge seal designed in compliance with standard API 682 4th edition. Seal
widely used and appreciated thanks to its sturdiness and capability to withstand high
mechanical stress. Very versatile and also suitable for applications with hot water or
feed pumps with plan 23. Possibility of exceeding the limits set forth by the standard of
reference when assessed by Fluiten.

20 – 110 (mm)0 – 23 (m/sec)0 – 40 (bar g)-40 – 176 (°C)
(*)for measurements in inches, please contact our technical sales office.

• Standard solution resulting from tested designs and made in compliance with
standard API 682 4th edition
• Single cartridge seal, balanced and flange with floating bushing
• Dual direction of rotation
• Solid sealing rings
• Drive system with three “Fluiten designed spine” recognised as being the only one
reliable and resistant to vibrations and shaft misalignments
• Connections for flushing, quench and/or drain
• Uniform distribution system of multipoint injection flushing
• Possibility of sizing the shaft flange and sleeve according to customer request
• Recommended for API horizontal and vertical pumps


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