Refinery Iplom

3V Glass Coat
29 January 2018

The Fluiten mechanical gas seals with Fluilift technology were selected for the hydroconversion system within the IPLOM refinery in Busalla, in the province of Genoa. We were awarded the call for tender for our offer of dual pressurized mechanical seals, as specified by standards governing environmental impact, able to avoid polluting the atmosphere and avoiding any issues relative to the safety of the environment and persons. The products treated within the hydrodesulfurization system of the refinery are dangerous as they have a high content of hydrogen sulfide. We also supplied the flushing systems for the dual mechanical seal pressurization, produced individually so that the engineering is unique for each of the requested systems. We also dynamically tested all seals, included as part of the supply, subsequently delivering them to the machinery producers according to the times specified.