Mechanical Seal TRHS

Mechanical Seals API 682 4° Edition





Single cartridge seal with rotary metal bellows designed in compliance with standard API
682 4th edition CAT 2 and 3. All the construction elements and materials of the seal are
capable of working at very high temperatures. The labyrinth element integrated in the
flange sends the quench fluid to skim the seal surfaces and the metal bellows provide
cooling and washing so as to avoid crystalline formations. Solution also available with
special materials resistant to chemically aggressive fluids.

20 – 110 (mm)0 – 23 (m/sec)0 – 40 (bar g)– 80 – 400 (°C)
(*)for measurements in inches, please contact our technical sales office.

• Standard solution resulting from tested designs and made in compliance with
standard API 682 4th edition
• Balanced single cartridge seal with rotary metal bellows and flange with floating
• Dual direction of rotation
• The bellows solution with secondary gaskets in graphoil is recommended with liquids
at temperature > 176 °C
• Connections for the flushing and quench with vapour or drain and labyrinth device
to force vapour circulation to touch and completely cool the seal and sliding surfaces
• Uniform distribution system of multipoint injection flushing
• Possibility of sizing the shaft’s flange and sleeve according to customer request
• Recommended for API horizontal and vertical pumps


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