Mechanical Seal TBA
29 September 2017
Mechanical Seal N3X-N3X
29 September 2017

Mechanical Seal N3X

Solution for low and medium pressures.

Mechanical seal for large diameter equipment on low and medium pressures; it is widely used on large machinery, process pumps, liquid conveyancing pumps and agitators.

The N3X is a single component seal with type X pinned stationary seat, multi-spring and can rotate in either direction.
Equipped with three drive lugs on the rotating body it can tolerate strong vibration and mechanical stresses.

The O-ring is easily removed and refitted when assembling the seal on shaft with keyways, threads or sharp edges.


105 – 200 (mm) *0 – 20 (m/sec)0 – 12 (bar g)-100 – 250 (°C)
(*) for measurements in inches, please contact our technical sales office.


  • Single seal
  • Bi-directional
  • Resistant to acids and bases
  • Resistant to mechanical stress
  • Configured with FLUIGAM (energized dynamic o-ring)


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