Mechanical Seal GT1811A

Double lubricated seals.





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A preassembled back to back double cartridge seal with materials of construction selected according to specific operating conditions.

Since 1988, this tried and trusted design has been fitted in thousands of chemical and pharmaceutical plants around the world.

The GT 1821 A is available with dimensions compliant with DIN 38138 (flange) and DIN 28159 (shaft).

35 – 220 (mm) *0 – 3 (m/sec)0 – 6 (bar g)-50 – 150 (°C)
(*) per misure in pollici rivolgersi al nostro ufficio tecnico commerciale.


  • Robust, carefully designed seal rings.
  • FLUIGAM: product side PTFE energized gasket.
  • Single body double seal to reduce axial lenght.
  • Retained stationary ring to prevent blow out during reverse presssure.
  • Robust drive lugs that can tolerate run-out and vibration.
  • Optional: sanitary flange to prevent product contamination and cooling flange for high temperature applications.
  • Optional thermocouple for ATEX applications.
  • Positioning device for easy, precise installation.
  • Drive collar designed to prevent locking screws damaging the shaft.
  • Flushing connections designed to ensure air is always vented.
  • Multiple springs outside the product for uniform load on the seal faces.


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