Mechanical Seal GT1810A

Double lubricated seals.






The GT 1810 A is back to back double cartridge seal designed for operation with a pressurized barrier fluid ( 1 bar > than process pressure). The seal has the addition of an integrated self-aligning roller bearing to minimise shaft run-out.

This robust, tried and tested design is available constructed from materials selected according to the specific operting conditions.

The GT 1820 A variant is also available with dimensions compliant with DIN 28138 (flange) and DIN 28159 (shaft).

35 – 220 (mm) *0 – 10 (m/sec)0 – 18 (bar g)-50 – 250 (°C)
(*) for measurements in inches, please contact our technical sales office.


  • Robust drive lugs that can tolerate run-out and vibration.
  • Robust, carefully designed seal rings.
  • FLUIGAM: product side PTFE energized gasket.
  • Retained stationary ring to prevent blow out durign reverse pressure.
  • Optional: sanitary flange to prevent product contamination and cooling flange for high temperature applications.
  • Double seal with single piece body to reduce axial lenght.
  • Multiple springs outside the product for uniform load on the seal faces.
  • Optional thermocouple for ATEX solutions.
  • Bearing protection rings to contain lubrication.
  • Positioning device for easy, precise installation.
  • Drive collar designed to prevent locking screws damaging the shaft.
  • Ball or roller bearing to ensure minimum seal run-out.
  • Atmosphere leakage monitoring connection.
  • Flushing connections designed to ensure air is always vented.


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