Mechanical Seal CB8D-T

Mechanical Seals API 682 4° Edition





Dual cartridge reverse pressure seal complete with flange and sleeve, is it designed
in compliance with standard API 682 4th edition. Product side seal with springs
outside the process, especially recommended with dirty liquids and with suspended
solids. The particularly compact overall size allows easy installation on existing
pumps. For polluting or dangerous processes, standards require dual mechanical seal
lubricated with a fluid. The level of danger will determine the choice of pressurised or
unpressurised flushing and the choice of the auxiliary system: an auxiliary fluid with
unpressurised system (CB8T) or an auxiliary fluid with pressurised system (CB8D).

20 – 110 (mm)0 – 20 (m/sec)0 – 20 (bar g)-40 – 176 (°C)
(*)for measurements in inches, please contact our technical sales office.

• Standard solution resulting from tested designs and made in compliance with
standard API 682 4th edition
• The balanced dual cartridge solution is ideal for arrangement 2 and 3 or with
auxiliary fluid at atmospheric pressure (buffer) CB8T or pressurised (barrier) CB8D
• Version CB8D: zero emission into the atmosphere
• Dual direction of rotation
• Springs outside the product
• Solid sealing rings on process side
• Tested and unique driving system of the rotary ring, developed to be efficient in case
of vibration, misalignment and wear of the sealing rings
• Connection for flushing or vent and IN-OUT for auxiliary liquid
• Circulation device of the auxiliary liquid with high heat dissipation capacity
preventing the need for an external pump
• Possibility of sizing the shaft flange and sleeve according to customer request
• Recommended for ANSI horizontal and vertical pumps


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