CIP & SIP Procedures

CIP & SIP Procedures

References to CIP & SIP can often be found in the regulations of production processes, especially in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors.

The two standards indicate the need to clean and sanitize the machine used in the process at each end of the cycle.


  • risultati riproducibili e controllabili
  • riduzione tempi di pulizia
  • aumento produttività
  • riduzione tempi di fermo
  • miglioramento salute e sicurezza

CIP Procedures

CIP, Clean In Place, defines the parameters of construction of the parts of the machine in contact with the product with minimal disassembly and with the least operator intervention.
This means the removal of all dirt residues and all agents so as to avoid contamination of the product in contact with the surface.
The procedure allows:
– reproducible, repeatable and controllable results;
– reduction of cleaning time;
– increase in productivity by reducing downtime;
– improvement of health and safety;
– Strong chemicals and higher temperatures should be used in addition to manual cleaning.

SIP Procedures

SIP, Sterilizing In Place, is the generic term for sanitizing, sterilizing or disinfecting a machine after CIP cleaning. The sanitization procedure provides the same principles as cleaning, determining the characteristics of the geometries and the finishes of the appliance.

Sanitization can be achieved through the use of a chemical disinfectant or by hot water or steam for a thermal sterilization.