19 September 2017


We are witnessing the rapid growth in the number of plants producing biogas energy derived from anaerobic digestion which occurs in the treatment of organic matter […]
19 September 2017

Fluiten sealing systems for gas processing plant

FluitenFluiten, the Italian sealing solution company, Fluiten, is supplying mechanical seals with auxiliary system for an important gas processing plant in Egypt. Before the tran sport, […]
19 September 2017


Introduction Bioplastics is one of the fastest growing industries, favoured by increasing environmental awareness and associated legislation.  Bioplastics are found in the following markets segments: packaging, […]
28 May 2020

Mechanical seals for containment and emissions control

The emissions control is a critical topic for technicians and plant engineers whenever new plants or revamping have to be developed. Type of mechanical seal selected on […]