Best Case

29 January 2018

3V Glass Coat

Fluiten provides 3V GLASSCOAT with an exclusive and high-tech range of mechanical seals. The 3V TECH Group is a global supplier of process systems dedicated to […]
29 January 2018

Ferretti Group

The FERRETTI nautical company relies on the Fluiten Italia mechanical seals for the rotary shafts of its vessels. We have also supplied MU seals for propeller […]
30 March 2018

Retrofit INA refinery

Every day more stringent regulations in terms of polluting emissions and the ever-increasing management costs in the case of unsafe plants, are forcing an improvement about […]
18 July 2019

From paper to real operations

1. INTRODUCTION The purpose of this investigation is to estimate, through a finite element analysis, the torque and leakages of a double and engineered sealing unit, […]